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About center

HeadWork Analytics is an Analytical Center for Infrastructure Industries.

The Center provides analytical support for strategic decision-making by senior managers of companies. Offers solutions that address the specifics of companies operating in Russian infrastructure sectors: IT and telecommunications, banking and direct investments, power, logistics and transport.

The center gets 5th rating position among consulting companies in the marketing field for the years 2013 and 2012 (according to RA Expert).

At present stage of economic development and the social and corporate environment in Russia, the Centre helps its clients to address the issues of:

  • keeping and enhancing loyalty of corporate customers (in conditions where free market relations are under pressure from expansion of large business under government control),
  • sourcing efficient direct investments (to address credit shortages and limited opportunities for capital raising on the open market),
  • non-transparency of government regulation and demand (together with increased government presence in “priority” industries and projects),
  • problems posed by manpower shortages and other HR challenges (caused by Russia’s demographic crisis and slow progress in reform of the professional and higher education systems, medicine, etc.).

The Center focus on solutions tailored to utilize specific aspects of Russian infrastructure companies:

  • geographically dispersed teams and networked organization,
  • round-the-clock operation on 24/7/365 basis with critical responsibility to provide essential services,
  • primary focus on b2b market and fast response to changes in other industries,
  • high wear of capital assets and growing need for investment,
  • dependence on international equipment suppliers,
  • dependence on state financing, standards and fares regulation.

Key Areas of Expertise and Services

Strategic b2b marketing
  • corporate product market research, industry analytics and forecasting,

  • marketing audit and development of marketing strategies to increase corporate footprint and bring new technologies and solutions to market.

HR Analytics
  • efficiency monitoring for employee motivation and personnel loyalty,

  • performance audit of internal communication systems, information dissemination and feedback,

  • monitoring social tension employee and people,

  • research and analysis of the labor market, audit of the employer’s brand, review of the international experience and best practices in the area of HR management.

GR Analytics
  • analysis of Russian state policy priorities. Key regulatory decision maker identification with subsequent GR and lobbying strategy development,

  • production of analytical materials for bureaucrats to support making strategic industry decisions. Analysis of international regulatory experience in specific industries.

Investment Analytics
  • business plans and investment memorandums to attract direct investment.


Banks and Insurance

Extraction and processing of commercial minerals

Logistics and Transport


IT and Telecommunications


Public sector

Other industries