Mind Your Head

Values & Foundations

Working with company’s top-managers, owners and investors

As we prepare ground for strategic decisions we work with those who make these decisions. We perceive our work, the market and the company on behalf of the owner of the business, but our view is fresh and experienced.

Technology for the result

We do not overload our analytical work with schemes and models. We do apply the best and most contemporary methods, frequently coming up with our own, but only when working on a decision. When giving the final decision and transforming it into a strategy and a program, the first place take applied categories, described in a language of real business.

Developing methodology and constructibility
We do not see a point in stating facts about your business or market (so called “problem issues”) without offering directions of changes and development. We work out a variety of decisions and calculate resources, necessary for its fulfillment. We are responsible for ideas, for giving qualified grounds for further administrative decisions and for ways of its fulfillment. It is up to you to take a twin decision of choosing a direction for development.
Reasonable specialization
A project group is always under lead of a consultant who has had experience with projects in the same field and is able to give branch decisions. Unity of marketing and administrative technologies of work of our consultants and analysts guarantees a prediction of general results of a project. Part of work meant for economist is given for work to an economist, work for a stock analyst - to a stock analyst, and work for a branch expert - to a branch expert. At the same time each employee has universal knowledge in research fields, communication and marketing. As a result we get individual decision for an individual task in planned terms and by predictable methods.
Clear results

At the beginning of cooperation we make clear:

  • all questions, which require solution during the work,
  • the program which is divided into completed stages with clear results at each stage,
  • result assessment criteria.

First of all we do that because we are mobile and can afford to be result-oriented. Secondly, as we act in market conditions, we can’t afford doing something that does not form added value to your business.

Responsibility for postponed results

We know what it is to fulfill what we have invented and calculated. We frequently fulfill the principal actions, corresponding with our developing and plans, ourselves and with all responsibility we achieve target results we have planned to achieve. On the other hand we are not only aimed at successful fulfillment of a marketing or administrative program. We pass the algorithms of our work to Managers to enable them to do this kind of work themselves in the future.

Personal responsibility

Our clients do not come across surprises dealing with a situation when preliminary negotiations are held with one consultant and after signature of agreement work with another. You work with those whom you have agreed with.