Mind Your Head

GR Analytics

Main services

  1. Assessment of limitations and opportunities for lobbying of company interests, layout of the GR playing field:
    • Analysis of government policy and priorities in sector regulation.
    • Identification of government agents who take key decisions: their strategies and principles, plans, interests, powers and attitude to specific companies and projects.
    • Monitoring of key events, expert assessment of their significance and any «hidden meanings».
  2. Design of lobbying strategy:
    • Design of a plan of personal meetings, participation in closed sessions, expanded meetings, working groups, analytical support for government officials.
    • Development of a public action program: PR, conferences, etc.
    • Planning of alliances with companies, associations, social and public organizations.
  3. Preparation of analytical memos, reviews, presentations (including those concerning international experience of efficient state regulation) to help officials in taking decisions of strategic importance for the industry. Carrying out strategic research and intelligence.
  4. Preparation and organization of meetings with government agents.
  5. Preparation of draft regulations in the interest of industrial groups:
    • Audit of government regulations, management of expert working groups, design and presentation packages of draft resolutions (industry development concepts and strategies, draft orders).
    • Calculation of the economic and social effects produced by introduction of a particular regulatory measure.
  6. Selection of experts and design of arguments to mould social and expert opinion on the issue being lobbied. Content-support for expert round-tables and public discussions.
  7. Analysis and forecast of opportunities for the sale of products and services to government and public corporations.

Resources and competitive advantages

  1. Pool of government officials and experts who know and trust us, built in the course of previous GR-projects (both for major Russian and foreign companies, and for government agencies themselves).
    • Representatives of the Center take part in working groups at the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Federal Antimonopoly Service, and public organizations (Delovaya Rossiya, Association of Managers, etc.).
    • Centre shareholders and partners (senior managers of major Russian companies and financial-industrial groups) enable expert contacts with the heads of government agencies at various levels (from the heads of departments and committees to managers of executive and legislative bodies. i.e. persons who take key decisions and determine the policy of state regulation).
  2. Experience of complex GR-tasks in professional education and social development, communication, information communications, antimonopoly regulation, federal target programs, and activity of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation.
  3. Wide practice of industry analysis and assessment of the impact of state regulation on business initiatives. Experience designing drafts of strategic managerial decisions and legal acts (from industry development strategies to a draft order on reduction of product import duties).
  4. Access to data bases and libraries containing information about individual representatives of state agencies and public organizations.
  5. Management consultants who can hold appropriate and contentful discussions with state officials in the course of expert interviews.