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Strategic b2b marketing

  • ЕМС+директор

    The current state and prospects of the Russian Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) in the segment of the biggest Russian companies from manufactory, oil&gas, chemical industries in 2013 – 2015 outlook.

  • Банк.обозрение+точка продаж_eng

    Study of actual business tasks and main scenarios of Big Data technologies usage by Russian TOP-100 banks, largest retail and digital companies. The study also determines the most promising directions of Big Data technologies development on Russian market for the period of 2013-1014.

  • Трансконтейнер

    Import-export analyses of petrochemical bulc cargo container traffic in Russia.

    A survey and analysis of the European market for container transportation. Analysis of the practice of leading container transport and logistics operators in Western and Eastern Europe: identifying successful organizational models for container transport and logistics, cooperation schemes between market participants, basic contractual terms.

  • Силовые машины2

    Comprehensive audit of a corporate brand and the brands of individual enterprises in the corporation (brand power and architecture, brand pyramids) and of company reputation (as perceived by staff, Russian and foreign customers, government officials and partners).

  • Северсталь4

    Loyalty audit of customers and partners. Recommendations for making the Company more competitive on the Russian market for rolled metal products, enhancing loyalty of key customers and partners, taking account of crisis developments in the economy.

    Efficiency audit of the B2B system and network. Analysis of levels of satisfaction among clients and sales partners.

    A complex reputation audit among existing and potential customers, mass media and business community.

  • Сбербанк

    Review of best practice by Russian banks regarding compensation of funds /or bank cards in cases where the card is retained/blocked by an ATM or where withdrawn cash becomes trapped in the machine.

    A study of demand for the new credit product, «Lending on the security of cash handling services for revenue, including revenue from bank card operations». Recommendations for boosting sales of this credit product.

    Review of tariffs for cash handling services, provided by competing carriers and banks to legal entities and banking institutions.

    Study of use of bank services by  Russian SMEs.

    Analysis of key drivers for growth of mortgage and car loan markets in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

    Efficiency audit of the bank’s new system for opening deposit accounts.

    Analysis of client loyalty.

    Study on Russian lending programs for country people (including development of private farming within national agro-industrial development program and particularly with governmental subsidies forcredit interest rates).

    Analysis of corporate clients loyalty management programs: best practices of large-scale and major companies.

  • Руснанотех

    The preparatory study on the eve of the 4th International Forum on Nanotechnology: definition of the range of potential participants relevant sections of industry, to develop recommendations for the participants demand targeted thematic structure of the forum, as well as the composition of the speakers, partners, exhibitors and trade visitors involved.

    Analysis of foreign practice in conduct of technology and innovation forums. Concept design recommendations for the International Forum for Nanotechnologies and Innovation.

  • Минкомсвязь3

    Working out of mass communication sector development through to 2020.

  • Sumitomo corporation_eng

    Commercial Data Center services market forecast in Moscow region for 2013 - 2015 in the segment of large enterprise accounts. Analytical support of investment decisions into Data Centers is provided.

  • СПСР

    Research of Russian corporate small shipment courier delivery, documentation and storage services market, defining key customer groups per industry and most opportune regions for business development. Development of marketing strategy to increase corporate footprint in the courier delivery services market.

    Development of programs to build and increase loyalty of customers and prospects.

  • Сбербанк капитал2

    Express reputation audit for Sberbank-Kapital financial services company prior to communications strategy development.

  • РАО ЭС Востока

    PR service efficiency assessment for 9 geographically dispersed subsidiaries.

  • Лиотех

    Preparation of a marketing strategy for 2012-2016.

    Assessment of potential of the national and global market for power storage devices using lithium-ion batteries with reference to the Russian electric power sector in 2013-2020: analysis of demand and competitive environment (including emerging technologies), expert analysis of sales prospects of power storage devices/lithium-ion batteries by sectors of the economy. Preparation of an extended analytical note on main features of the electricity sales market in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, compared with the Russian market.

  • Альфа Банк и БО

    Study of supply and demand from corporate customers for remote banking services in up to 2015 perspective.

  • Media-partner

    Analysis of the situation in the world and the Russian media market, the determination of trends and forecast of the formation.

    Market research of data portal for travellers across Russia. Marketing strategy development of the Internet-portal project.


    Evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty among Russian corporate clients for the company Lafarge on the cement market in 2013.

    Annual assessment of the level of satisfaction and loyalty of the large Russian corporate clients.

    Bagged cement retail market of Moscow and Moscow vicinity, rating counterfeit cement.

    Analysis of bagged cement buying preferences and purchase decision criteria as part of decisions on product line naming.

    Mapping the strategic clients in Central Federal District in the run-up to opening a new cement plant and specifying sales strategy under new conditions: the map of corporate cement purchasers, each client was profiled up to distributive channel, purchase amount and preferable supplier.

  • Роснано

    Evaluation of Russian First International Nano Technology Forum impact on business and science communities.

  • Крупнейшая российская железнодорожная компания

    Preparation of an analytical report and information map with development forecasts for Russia’s transport system up to 2025.

    Assessing the contribution of various transport sub-sectors (railway, automobile, air, sea and river transport) to national development objectives: increase of labour and social mobility by improvement of transport safety; making the transport sector more investable; and enhancing overall stability of the Russian economy.

    Integrated analytical support for top-managers.

  • Крок

    Forecast of corporate data-centers and cloud services demand in Turkey.

    Evaluation of demand for commercial data processing and cloud computing services among large Russian companies. Development of recommendations for a service portfolio and sales strategy in Russia.

  • ИД Press code

    Corporate mass media market research. Marketing strategy development for publishing house.

  • Группа Энергопром

    Group and projects reputation audit among large clients of Russian and international metallurgic companies.

  • Альфа-Банк2

    Complex analysis of mid-sized, big and biggest business client demand up to wide pool of corporate bank products: credit products, deposits, bank guarantee and letters of credit, payroll card scheme, encashment, factoring, cash and settlement service, etc. Industry-specific demand description up to five key branches.

    Supply and demand tenders research in modernising the system of distant banking for corporate clients for the period through to 2015.

  • Lukoil

    Building a system of communication, aimed at increasing the company's investment.

  • Петропавловск

    Strategic assessment of Petropavlovsk Group readiness for public and foreign policy exposure prior to launch of projects with strategic impact on economy and importance for the government.

  • Открытые инновации

    Designing a system of performance indicators for the Innovation Forum.

  • Крупная транспортная компания

    Independent railway cargo market research.

    Complete research of logistics infrastructure in 4 regions: Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Primorsky Krai and Novosibirsk Oblast.

  • Крок и Деловая Россия

    Study of greenfield projects in the Russian processing industry that are planned or to be implemented in 2012-2015.

  • Гудок

    Business information market research and esteem in the sphere of transport and logistics. Product and sales strategy development, market promotion of research and information products in transport and logistics.

  • Банковское обозрение2

    Benchmark analysis of product and sales strategies and marketing of big federal and regional banks up to working with different business segments according to turnover.

    Analysis of demand and supply of services to supplement cash handling capabilities in Russia.

    A study of the trade financing market in Russia.

    Study on supply and demand trends in banking trade financing products and guaranties for large and very large clients in Russia.

    Market review of Cash Management products.

    Analysis of retail banking actual state and trends. Reputational audit of main market players.

  • Атомэнергомаш2

    A complex reputation audit of the company.

  • Abbyy

    Designing a customized express educational program «In-depth interviewing on IT-topics with B2B and B2C respondents: theory & practice». Holding series of theoretical and practical classes for analysts, marketing specialists and sales managers.

    Corporate rebranding process preparation according to strategic market requirements and company's genuine principles and achievements.

  • ТАСС

    International news content market overview: trends, organizational models and best practices of foreign news agencies. Esteem of TASU place on the global market. Recommendations on TASU market positioning and business areas focus within the global scale.

  • Сибур

    Russian polypropylene market research to forecast 2008-2010 demand for polypropylene from processing factories and optimize polypropylene sales framework.

  • РОСНО2

    Regular assessment of communications programs used by the largest corporate insurers in Russia (being carried out regularly since 2010).

  • Росавтодор

    Analysis of top international practices in the areas of road construction and maintenance and traffic safety.

  • Крупная транспортно-логистическая компания

    Audit of brand strength and values as perceived by key target audiences: customers, consignors/consignees, partner carriers and mass media.

    Development of a transport and logistics service matrix.

  • Директор2

    The current state and prospects of the Russian BPM and BRMS market (Enterprise Content Management) in the segment of the biggest Russian banks and retail chains in 2013 – 2015 outlook.

    Analysis of corporate IT management in large and very large companies: identification of key IT tasks presented by business, analysis of involvement of business executives in decisions on automation.

    Analysis of changing demand for business process management systems in large telecommunication companies, insurance companies and banks.

    Study on CIO’s profile in the segment of major Russian companies: general socio-demographic details, public and professional activities, preferences for leisure time and other data.

  • Крупный системный интегратор

    Analytical argumentation of advantages and disadvantages of currant and alternative brandnames before M&A deal.

    Strategic analysis of demand in IT-solutions and services among major Russian companies from 6 industries: banks and insurance, oil & gas, manufacturing, retail chains, transport and logistics, energetic. Estimation of IT- budgets by industry and by key players in each industry; revealing technological trends and key demanded solution for 2012-2016 prospective; developing recommendations for company’s  marketing strategy.

  • Ростехнологии

    Assessment of corporate image of large state-controlled holdings and private high-technology businesses within business and science communities as a part of rebranding strategy development.

  • Метрополь2

    Audit of perception of Group companies and projects among key clients and partners, government representatives and the business community.

  • Интеко2

    Market size and demand structure research for a petrochemical feedstock market. Developing product strategy and defining manufacturing line upgrade objectives.

  • Грузовая компания

    A study, analysis and forecast of the oil cargo transportation market in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Development of approaches for entering regional transportation markets and markets for lease and sale of rolling trains.

  • Hendz holding

    Evaluation of satisfaction and loyalty among key customers (banks with large regional networks of offices and terminals). Recommendations for design of a product and service strategy.

    Expert support for the design of a business development concept. A study and analysis of foreign and Russian markets for service maintenance of ATMs, POS terminals, video surveillance and access control devices, vending machines, entertainment machines etc. Design of a company development strategy and a B2B marketing strategy.

    Loyalty audit among large corporate clients (banks and retail chains).

  • МДМ-Банк2

    Assessment of impact caused by the press coverage of MDM Bank and Ursa Bank merger.

  • Бизнес Диалог

    Macroeconomic analysis of the 2008 crisis: Impact of economy restructuring on the outlook of Middle Asian Transport Corridor.

  • Xerox2

    Assessing opportunities and limitations arising from setting up an R&D center in Russia and managing multi-party negotiation process with prospective partners.

    Russian IT labor market assessment and research.

    Russia's innovation potential indicators assessment.

  • NVision2

    Complex reputation audit among corporate clients (existing and potential), mass media, vendors.

  • ECS2

    Audit of publishing house image with key customers and business partners.

  • Крупный российский банк

    A study of demand for cash handling services from large and very large Russian businesses.

  • ВТБ страхование

    Analysis of current IT limitations in key front- and back-office processes for development of an IT strategy.

  • Адонаи логистик

    Evaluation of potential demand for processing equipment import services per industry in Russia.

  • Swarovski Elements_eng

    Forming of potential corporate clients map among Kazakhstan key manufacturing companies using decorative elements in production of own goods.

  • ЦентрАтомeng

    Assessment of development potential of logistics center based on client’s property. The project covered following topics: characteristics of logistics center essential for different types of clients, ranking of various development scenarios.

  • Открытые системы

    Complex study of demand for key IT competencies and perception of key Russian system integrators by the clients of large and very large businesses in Russia.

  • Кит Финанс2

    Audit of KIT Finance perceived reliability among enterprise customers, investor and business communities and regulators after the 2008 crisis with subsequent bank recovery program implementation.

  • NGO developing amateur sports in Russia

    Assessment of amateur sports development in Russia. Creation of the amateur sports organizations map.

  • Астерос

    Analysis of growth rates and trends on the commercial data center market in the Moscow area; forecast of demand for the services of data processing centers in the coming 3 years (Information support for the project by LAN magazine).

  • G&T

    Development of marketing strategy for banking business development in corporate financing market.

  • Журнал сетевых решений

    Commercial framework and demand structure change analysis for complex business process automation projects, IT outsourcing and data network deployments during the tough economy.

    Forecast of demand for hosted data center services from the largest Russian enterprises between 2010 and 2013 and comparative image analysis of the leading IT service providers as seen by TOP-400 customers.

  • ILM

    A study of demand for bank financing from real estate developers for purposes of commercial real estate construction.

  • CFO

    Research of direct investment funds as vehicles to obtain direct investment with focus on investment priorities and project requirements.

  • A large multinational corporation-1

    Assessing the potential of cloud computing in government.

  • Минкомсвязь2

    Russian ICT market research and long-term forecast. Design for Russian ICT industry development concept.

  • Bankir.ru

    Annual complex study of cash management products offered by the largest Russian banks in 2012 and future prospects.

    Annual complex study of cash management products offered by the largest Russian banks in 2011 and future prospects.

  • Технопром

    Assessment of business opportunity — digital media advertising market including satellite and cable TV, Internet and mobile telephony.


    Large data storage systems deal positioning.

  • APPLE-3

    Study of demand for professional IT-solutions for processing audio and video content and automated storage of the television and record companies, printing companies and publishing houses, film studios, advertising agencies, web studios. Database formation of large and medium customers for each of the segments.

    Audit of the company's image in the markets of professional solutions (printing, advertising, audio-video installation) and the development of technical specifications for the PR-agency next year.

    Audit and optimization of technical support Apple iPro (head office and dealer network), in accordance with the requirements of professional and consumer markets companies.

    Development of the concept of the Academy of Apple in Russia and the strategic partnership with universities, teaching creative technologies.

  • Verysell3

    Kazakhstan corporate and governmental IT solutions market analysis. Expansion strategy development to enter a new regional market.

    Unified product and service portfolio development for all companies recently merged into the Group - aligned with customer requirements and Group objectives.

    Audit of company image with key customers, business partners and Russian government officials. Strategy development to reposition the Group from distribution into system integration business.

  • Naumen

    Ongoing pre-marketing Russian IT market research methodology development and implementation for insourcing by company employees.

  • Stonesoft

    The survey of actual state and trends on information security market.