Mind Your Head

Projects for companies in other industries

  • Северсталь4

    Loyalty audit of customers and partners. Recommendations for making the Company more competitive on the Russian market for rolled metal products, enhancing loyalty of key customers and partners, taking account of crisis developments in the economy.

    Efficiency audit of the B2B system and network. Analysis of levels of satisfaction among clients and sales partners.

    A complex reputation audit among existing and potential customers, mass media and business community.


    Evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty among Russian corporate clients for the company Lafarge on the cement market in 2013.

    Annual assessment of the level of satisfaction and loyalty of the large Russian corporate clients.

    Bagged cement retail market of Moscow and Moscow vicinity, rating counterfeit cement.

    Analysis of bagged cement buying preferences and purchase decision criteria as part of decisions on product line naming.

    Mapping the strategic clients in Central Federal District in the run-up to opening a new cement plant and specifying sales strategy under new conditions: the map of corporate cement purchasers, each client was profiled up to distributive channel, purchase amount and preferable supplier.

  • Группа Энергопром

    Group and projects reputation audit among large clients of Russian and international metallurgic companies.

  • Петропавловск

    Strategic assessment of Petropavlovsk Group readiness for public and foreign policy exposure prior to launch of projects with strategic impact on economy and importance for the government.

  • Сибур

    Russian polypropylene market research to forecast 2008-2010 demand for polypropylene from processing factories and optimize polypropylene sales framework.

  • Интеко2

    Market size and demand structure research for a petrochemical feedstock market. Developing product strategy and defining manufacturing line upgrade objectives.

  • ECS2

    Audit of publishing house image with key customers and business partners.

  • Swarovski Elements_eng

    Forming of potential corporate clients map among Kazakhstan key manufacturing companies using decorative elements in production of own goods.

  • NGO developing amateur sports in Russia

    Assessment of amateur sports development in Russia. Creation of the amateur sports organizations map.