Mind Your Head


  • Минкомсвязь3

    Working out of mass communication sector development through to 2020.

  • Media-partner

    Analysis of the situation in the world and the Russian media market, the determination of trends and forecast of the formation.

    Market research of data portal for travellers across Russia. Marketing strategy development of the Internet-portal project.

  • ИД Press code

    Corporate mass media market research. Marketing strategy development for publishing house.

  • Гудок

    Business information market research and esteem in the sphere of transport and logistics. Product and sales strategy development, market promotion of research and information products in transport and logistics.

  • ТАСС

    International news content market overview: trends, organizational models and best practices of foreign news agencies. Esteem of TASU place on the global market. Recommendations on TASU market positioning and business areas focus within the global scale.