Mind Your Head

Investment Analytics

Main services

HeadWork Analytics provides analytical support for decisions by investment funds and investment departments within companies on direct investments in infrastructure sector projects.

  1. Industry analysis of the infrastructure, corporate and innovation markets for investment purposes
    • Creating a pool of potential assets and companies, financing assessment, pre-investment analysis.
    • Regular studies and reviews of markets and the business of individual companies, which are regarded as investment targets.
  2. Analytical support for corporate investment programs
    • Independent financial due diligence of investment projects and of agreements made with investors.
    • Marketing due diligence of business plans and investment projects, adjustments to forecasts and expectations.
    • Structuring and design of project financing.
    • Consulting on M&A transactions, mergers through share exchange, creation of joint ventures.
  3. Business plans, financial models, feasibility studies
    • Design of complex parametric financial models.
    • Calculation of forecast BS, P&L, CF.
    • Calculation of cash flow from operations, investment and financing.
    • Calculation of EV.
    • Estimation of payback time.
    • Calculation of capital and financing cost.
    • Selection of optimal financing structure.
    • β valuation.
    • Benchmarking of multipliers P/E, EV/EBITDA, etc.
    • Calculation of NPV, IRR, ROI, ROE, etc.
  4. Financial consulting to source credits and project financing, make lease agreements, etc.
    • Creation and servicing of medium- and long-term financing programs.
    • Execution of financing transactions, preparation of tender and other documents connected with financing arrangements.
    • Design of credit and leasing schemes.
    • Creation of a potential investor pool, organization and support for the negotiation process.
  5. Development of investment management systems Preparation of internal documents governing a company’s investment activity:
    • Requirements for content and assessment of investment projects.
    • Selection criteria and efficiency ratios for investment projects.
    • Supervising the implementation of investment projects.
Resources and competitive advantages
  • Combination of extensive industry expertise (in strategic analysis of the infrastructure and corporate markets) with investment analysis.
  • Access to a proprietary research and analytical data base on the Russian and foreign infrastructure markets and investment projects. Work with primary data ensures that information used for investment analysis is reliable.
  • Pool of partners among direct investment funds.