Mind Your Head

Investment Analytics

  • Sumitomo corporation_eng2

    Commercial Data Center services market forecast in Moscow region for 2013 - 2015 in the segment of large enterprise accounts. Analytical support of investment decisions into Data Center project.

  • Rusnanotech

    Comparative analysis of Russian innovation forums. Development of a model and a business plan for a major innovation forum in Russia.

  • Severstal

    A reputation audit of the Company among investment community representatives of the.

  • Xeroxeng

    Assessment of R&D center setup outlook in Russia.

  • Mezhregionalnaya Raspredelitelnaya Setevaya Kompaniya Volgi

    Annual report production for OAO Mezhregionalnaya Raspredelitelnaya Setevaya Kompaniya Volgi (OAO MRSK Volgi).

  • CPCR

    Identifying opportune regions for courier delivery business development (setting up subsidiaries, logistics centers, etc.).


    Marketing audit of a business plan to set up a distribution company in Kazakhstan.

  • KazMunay

    Formulating development strategy to attract investment.

    Investor relations program development.

  • Крупнейшая российская железнодорожная компания

    Audit of company image in investment community; formulating issuer's objectives towards investment community.

  • Mikhailov and Partners Group.

    New Production Center business plan development for Mikhailov and Partners Group.

  • Lukoyl

    Overseas Hоlding. Corporate investor relations system development.


    Holding governance change plan development in boosted asset growth scenario.

  • RWS

    Provision of informational support for a series of M&A deals. Sergey Chliyants' New Cinema Studio (previously known as Pygmalion Production) business plan development in order to attract a strategic investor.


    New Russia-wide multi-service network (interactive TV, Internet, telephony, security) business plan development for innovative TEKHNOPROM Corporation (including commercial evaluation, break-even analysis, comparative evaluation of different network deployment scenarios, market assessment and revenue forecast for core and supplementary services).


    Russian polypropylene market research and business plan development to create a trading house for polypropylene factory (including investment justification, break-even analysis and break-even point forecasting for various product sales scenarios) for INTEKO Company.

  • Media-Partner

    Development of business plans for Media Partner Holding:

    To create a full-service multi-mode routing and ticketing Internet portal for travelers in Russia,

    To develop Press-Code corporate media publishing company.