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Strategic b2b marketing

Main services

HeadWork Analytics provides expert support to senior managers and shareholders at all stages of business development and of projects: from strategic layout and segmentation of the market to strategy design and development programs for B2B-marketing and sales.

The center got 5th rating position among consulting companies in the marketing field for the year 2012 (according to RA Expert).

1. Strategic analysis and B2B research of markets for infrastructure and new technology services

  • Assessment of the company’s marketing soundness: From analysis of current levels of customer loyalty and its determining factors to identification of the company’s market position.
  • Identification of key indicators for development of infrastructure and high technology markets. Multi-factor industry analysis and forecasting, including forecasts for new markets and levels of demand.
  • Multi-criteria market segmentation to reflect B2B market specifics. Profiling of customer groups and those responsible for decisions on procurement.
  • Reconstruction of the marketing strategies of competing companies in the B2B segment; analysis of best international practice.
  • Analysis of sales schemes and study of the pool of potential mediators (corporate sales partners), including cross-marketing and cross-sales opportunities.

2. Development of corporate marketing strategy and applications

  • Design of loyalty management programs: from standards for interaction with corporate customers to a system for monitoring satisfaction among key customers, taking account of their needs and of current competitive levels of supply and service.
  • Design of a product and service line for corporate markets: from formation of the product and service directory to a plan for securing a market niche through consistent and revolutionary development of the product line.
  • Design of a promotional strategy for the corporate sector: a system of direct communication with customers and direct sales (including design of programs to stimulate direct sales and cross-marketing in the corporate sector); optimization of sales policy to match product and demand specifics of B2B markets (developing partner networks for sales and service).
  • Corporate branding: From B2B positioning of the company and its services to formation of corporate brand architecture.

Recommendations take account of the stage of market development, evolution of customer needs and requirements from suppliers of business services and products, and focal points for competition. To ensure subsequent efficiency in strategy/program implementation, documents are presented in the form of an action plan and step-by-step instructions for company officials.

3. Audit and development of corporate marketing and sales systems, marketing networks, customer support systems

  • Assessment of efficiency in corporate marketing programs: assessment of cost efficiency in B2B marketing (including individual marketing events), and assessment of the communication and commercial efficiency of current promotional programs in the corporate sector (reputation audit, marketing audit).
  • Training marketing department employees in B2B marketing technologies (specific research methods, analysis and forecasting, «analytical» PR, building corporate customer loyalty, marketing investment planning, etc.).
  • Design and optimization of the system for planning and control of B2B marketing, including creation of target indicators and setting their values for marketing units and individual specialists.
  • Building and strengthening the marketing and sales departments (training and hiring competent specialists and defining functions) in order to optimize marketing costs and raise the efficiency of corporate marketing and sales processes.