Mind Your Head


  • «Managing staff in product companies»_27.03.2014

    Yaroslava Maltseva took part in the Vth Annual Training Conference by the «Staff» journal«Managing staff in product companies».

    In the first plenary session on the second day of the meeting Yaroslava held the report «Benchmark study of wage system in different Russian manufacturing companies. Punch items, strengths and the most effective means of staff financial incentives».

  • «Company Internal Communication. Modern Tools»_26.02.2014

    HeadWork Analytics managing partner Yaroslava Maltseva participated in Conference «Company Internal Communication. Modern Tools» organised by the Moscow Times.

    During the session «Modern Tools in Internal Communication» Yaroslava presented the most effective ways of getting complains, suggestions and gratitudes from the staff.

  • «HR 2013: Efficient Change Management»_06.06.2013

    Centre managing partner Yaroslava Maltseva took part in the roundtable «HR strategy Integration into Company Business Strategy for More Efficient Change Management» at the Conference «HR 2013: Efficient Change Management», organised by Lemon Group Conference.

    In the session «Business Expectations of HR under Period of Change» Yaroslava presented the report «How to Get the Staff Involved into Change Projects to Achieve both Greater Efficiency and Gains in Performance of the Company?».

  • «Means of Social Mobility and Business Sustainable Growth»_03.06.2013

    Managing partner Yaroslava Maltseva took part in the Conference «Means of Social Mobility and Business Sustainable Growth», organised by the Vedomosty newspaper.

    In the session «Means of Social Mobility for Employees» Yaroslava Maltseva presented the report «How to meet the employees’ need in career promotion and have opportunities to identify future leaders under conditions of lateral structures».

  • «Corporate values. Leaders Experience»_21.05.2013

    HeadWork Analytics managing partner Yaroslava Maltseva and program leader corporate & social systems analysis branch Natalia Odinaeva took part in the Forum «Corporate values. Leaders Experience», organised by International Association of Corporate Education.

    Two reports were represented by the Center spokespersons: «Personal and Corporate Values Interaction: challenges and means of overcoming. Typical value hierarchy of production and engineering staff» and «Company Towns: Balance of Interests and Concessions of Market leader Company at the Regional Labour Market, Reasonable Priorities and Limits of Social Safety Net and Urban Development».