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    Individual estimation of chartered specialists and managers by diagnostic in-depth structured interviews: motivation and involvement state, management competence and profile/ role/ style, personal potential and restrictions for growth. Building personal growth plan in the company

    Analysing niche segments of highly-skilled professionals: qualitative and quantitive indicators (staff number, wages, structure), forecasts, esteem of new candidates potential sources, general competences structure of potential candidates (estimation of necessary training investments)

    Review of wages and remuneration plan systems on specialists of hard-hitting niche categories, data of which are absent in analytical review of general distribution





The Center carries out systematic analysis of the state of a company’s corporate social assets, assesses social risks and designs social policy for senior managers of infrastructure companies:

  • Audit of the levels of loyalty and satisfaction among personnel: regular measurements using qualitative and quantitative research,
  • Identification of the level and structure (factors, nature and potential) of motivation and engagement,
  • Efficiency audit of the internal communication system,
  • Monitoring levels of corporate social tension. Assessment of the probability of occurrence of main personnel risks (protests, sabotage, legal claims, health and safety, decline of productivity and labor quality, mass resignation, etc.),
  • Design of complex social risk management programs during overhaul of management and of personnel management, during M&A transactions, and for purposes of strengthening personnel reserves,
  • Study and analysis of the labor market, audit of the employer brand, analysis of competitor profiles,
  • Audit and medium-term forecasts for the personnel reserve among lower and middle managers,
  • Assessment of efficiency in management innovation, and during corporate reorganization: centralization of functions, change of organizational structure, outsourcing of functions,
  • Design of social policy, including a program for the development of social assets, personnel retention and motivation programs, social support program, etc.,
  • Design of concepts for cooperation with educational institutions,
  • Analysis and developing of front managers (staff dealing with clients) behaviour framework aimed to rise clients’ loyalty, strengthen company’s reputation and brand,
  • Surveys of international experience, best practices in managing staff.