Mind Your Head

Skills & Technologies

Team HEADWORK Analytics operates in interdisciplinary area and integrate technologies of management, marketing, psychology, communications, sociology and financial analysis.

We can

To structure the information:
  • to see the big picture without missing small details. To define priorities,
  • to transform huge amount of «linen» information up to clear and operated «pictures»,
  • to construct the whole picture from small pieces of information. To discern concealed senses, trends and regularities,
  • to restructure the information or activity to increase the efficiency of human recourses without adding-up effect.
To create ideas:
  • of business,
  • of managerial instruments,
  • of products,
  • of market strategies,
To transfer technologies and skills:
  • to define Managers’ needs in developing,
  • to adapt managerial methods to the country and its political system, to certain market and industry, to current level of development of the company,
  • to formalize successful experience in carrying out a business,
  • to explain, to show, to tell.
To communicate and negotiate:
  • to understand the client and his business area quickly. On the one hand, we save clients’ time and advantages,
  • and on the other hand we rapidly collect expert’s information,
  • to find mutual interests (between client and client), to resolve contradictions constructively,
  • to represent our client interests in public, state and corporate institutions.
To work out schemes of projects realization:
  • to define optimum business-process and human activity
  • to assign roles and functions,
  • to calculate the resources, necessary for project realization,
  • to join elements in a system,
  • to lay control and changes mechanisms into foundation of the system.
To study:
  • training and developing of our command is the major priority in our internal investments,
  • the system of weekly training is built in our work,
  • updating ourselves, we develop your business.