Mind Your Head

Strategic b2b marketing

Resources and competitive advantages

  • The ability to generate new knowledge about the market. HeadWork Analytics carries out its strategic design work using “first-hand” data from market participants. By collecting and consolidating data on the strategies, intentions and preferences of market participants, HeadWork Analytics generates unique knowledge about the market, identifies internal sources for business growth, and reveals new market opportunities.
  • Experience of operating in non-transparent B2B markets. HeadWork specialists can achieve results even when there is almost no information about a particular market and its participants.
  • Combination of research expertise and consulting enables us to turn research results into an efficient proposal and action plan.
  • By working with the chief executives of companies we can see businesses as their owners see them and obtain a deeper understanding of the company’s objectives.
  • Our marketing and management consultants engage in discussion with owners and top-managers at a level that is appropriate and contentful.
  • We have built a pool of industry experts and government officials who know and trust us thanks to long and consistent work with major companies in the Russian market and with regulators.
  • Cooperation wtih key international providers of business information gives us access to information on infrastructure markets in other countries.
  • A pool of proprietary know-how models for strategic marketing and of approaches to market analysis.