Mind Your Head

Banks, private equity funds and insurance companies

  • Сбербанк

    Review of best practice by Russian banks regarding compensation of funds /or bank cards in cases where the card is retained/blocked by an ATM or where withdrawn cash becomes trapped in the machine.

    A study of demand for the new credit product, «Lending on the security of cash handling services for revenue, including revenue from bank card operations». Recommendations for boosting sales of this credit product.

    Review of tariffs for cash handling services, provided by competing carriers and banks to legal entities and banking institutions.

    Study of use of bank services by  Russian SMEs.

    Analysis of key drivers for growth of mortgage and car loan markets in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

    Efficiency audit of the bank’s new system for opening deposit accounts.

    Analysis of client loyalty.

    Study on Russian lending programs for country people (including development of private farming within national agro-industrial development program and particularly with governmental subsidies forcredit interest rates).

    Analysis of corporate clients loyalty management programs: best practices of large-scale and major companies.

  • Сбербанк капитал2

    Express reputation audit for Sberbank-Kapital financial services company prior to communications strategy development.

  • Альфа-Банк2

    Complex analysis of mid-sized, big and biggest business client demand up to wide pool of corporate bank products: credit products, deposits, bank guarantee and letters of credit, payroll card scheme, encashment, factoring, cash and settlement service, etc. Industry-specific demand description up to five key branches.

    Supply and demand tenders research in modernising the system of distant banking for corporate clients for the period through to 2015.

  • Банковское обозрение2

    Benchmark analysis of product and sales strategies and marketing of big federal and regional banks up to working with different business segments according to turnover.

    Analysis of demand and supply of services to supplement cash handling capabilities in Russia.

    A study of the trade financing market in Russia.

    Study on supply and demand trends in banking trade financing products and guaranties for large and very large clients in Russia.

    Market review of Cash Management products.

    Analysis of retail banking actual state and trends. Reputational audit of main market players.

  • РОСНО2

    Regular assessment of communications programs used by the largest corporate insurers in Russia (being carried out regularly since 2010).

  • Метрополь2

    Audit of perception of Group companies and projects among key clients and partners, government representatives and the business community.

  • МДМ-Банк2

    Assessment of impact caused by the press coverage of MDM Bank and Ursa Bank merger.

  • Крупный российский банк

    A study of demand for cash handling services from large and very large Russian businesses.

  • Кит Финанс2

    Audit of KIT Finance perceived reliability among enterprise customers, investor and business communities and regulators after the 2008 crisis with subsequent bank recovery program implementation.

  • G&T

    Development of marketing strategy for banking business development in corporate financing market.

  • ILM

    A study of demand for bank financing from real estate developers for purposes of commercial real estate construction.

  • CFO

    Research of direct investment funds as vehicles to obtain direct investment with focus on investment priorities and project requirements.

  • Bankir.ru

    Annual complex study of cash management products offered by the largest Russian banks in 2012 and future prospects.

    Annual complex study of cash management products offered by the largest Russian banks in 2011 and future prospects.