Mind Your Head


  • Руснанотех

    The preparatory study on the eve of the 4th International Forum on Nanotechnology: definition of the range of potential participants relevant sections of industry, to develop recommendations for the participants demand targeted thematic structure of the forum, as well as the composition of the speakers, partners, exhibitors and trade visitors involved.

    Analysis of foreign practice in conduct of technology and innovation forums. Concept design recommendations for the International Forum for Nanotechnologies and Innovation.

  • Лиотех

    Preparation of a marketing strategy for 2012-2016.

    Assessment of potential of the national and global market for power storage devices using lithium-ion batteries with reference to the Russian electric power sector in 2013-2020: analysis of demand and competitive environment (including emerging technologies), expert analysis of sales prospects of power storage devices/lithium-ion batteries by sectors of the economy. Preparation of an extended analytical note on main features of the electricity sales market in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, compared with the Russian market.

  • Роснано

    Evaluation of Russian First International Nano Technology Forum impact on business and science communities.

  • Открытые инновации

    Designing a system of performance indicators for the Innovation Forum.

  • Росавтодор

    Analysis of top international practices in the areas of road construction and maintenance and traffic safety.

  • Ростехнологии

    Assessment of corporate image of large state-controlled holdings and private high-technology businesses within business and science communities as a part of rebranding strategy development.

  • Xerox2

    Assessing opportunities and limitations arising from setting up an R&D center in Russia and managing multi-party negotiation process with prospective partners.

    Russian IT labor market assessment and research.

    Russia's innovation potential indicators assessment.