Mind Your Head


Banks, nonproductive & managing companies

  • Директор

    Image analysis of leading employers in SAP development, implementation and support, as perceived by SAP specialists. Identifying factors that influence the choice of employer, and which determine the level of engagement and loyalty to the current employer. Identification of minimum necessary conditions for changing jobs –sensitivity thresholds for each (significant) employer assessment parameter in an environment of intense competition for highly qualified workers.

    Research and analysis aiming to form the review «The image of CIO in large and largest Russian business companies»: common social demographic peculiarities, professional performance characteristics (responsibilities, competences, etc.) and public activity, preferences on leisure activities.

  • Нордголд

    A clarifying express-research of the Managing company Nordgold business processes and management system targeting to define strengths and restrictions of the current management system and function interaction.

    State audit in several directions of all-level staff and business units (works and managing company of conglomerate): sharing company values, company and enterprise loyalty, attitude towards changes, inner communication, inner client focus of principle services, leadership (satisfaction with seniors’ competence and behaviour), safety. The complex of qualitative and quantitive sampling was conducted in 7 business units in the RF and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Evaluation of the supply service (complex characteristic) given by mid- and top-level managers in 9 business-units in the RF, the Republic of Kazakhstan and African countries.

  • Силовые машины

    Perception analyses of brand architecture in the target audience of employees. Brand audit of every plant, united and managed by Powered Machines.

    Study of the employees’ perception of company's reputation as an employer and as a market player.

    Audit of social assets: employees engagement, motivation and loyalty level and identification of factors it depends on.

    Developing guidelines for further reputation management towards employees and working out the brand positioning concept.

  • НПФ Благосостояние

    Survey and analysis of pension fund efficiency: levels of satisfaction among existing contributors, and ways of attracting new clients.

  • КЭС Холдинг

    Audit (research and analysis) loyalty and corporate social tensions of working groups of the holding (CHP and power sales companies), the analysis of corporate social risks.

  • Свеза

    Assessment of social assets of the FANCOM factory: loyalty, motivation, and social tension among personnel after purchase of the factory by Sveza Holding.

    Study and analysis of factors determining engagement levels of personnel at the Novator Plywood Factory (Veliky Ustyug).

    Study, analysis and development of recommendations on how to raise employee engagement levels, transmission of updated values of the Holding to employees and heads of the Manturovsky Plywood Factory.

    Recommendations for promoting loyalty and motivation among employees and low-level managers.

    Preparation of analytical and publicistic materials for corporate mass media content. Formalisation of company development strategy, preparing series of article on company values («staff language»), carrying out workshops on communication issues for inner communication specialists.