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  • Северсталь3

    Complex corporative research on analysing staff and executives perception of company state, organising changes in key directions and company values (including general analysis of the whole company and its key assets, and also individual analysis on 15 company groups with further layout up to assets, official ranks, staff participation in changing projects).

    • 1. Developing of the individual company index of employee engagement being specific as for the whole company and for its separate assets, also applicable for periodical rough analysis of employee engagement.
    • 2. Complex corporate monitoring among employees and heads of 42 Severstal enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and the USA:
      • Study of loyalty and motivation levels
      • Study of key factors interfering with prompt and efficient work
      • Study of external and internal customer-focus
      • Study and analysis of readiness of enterprise personnel for change (constant improvement programs, promotion of customer-focus, improvement of corporate culture)

      Study for design of a corrective action plan for loyalty management, staff retention and strengthening of Severstal as an employer in the IT segment (SAP Development and SAP Service Desk segments).

      Study and analysis of barriers to and opportunities for reduction of industrial injury levels. Development of a program of organizational and communication measures to support corporate changes.

      Research of citizen current social issues and demands in the host city. Key business figures and municipal authorities percepted with the citizens. Key company directions definition in social and communicative sphere.

      Study of perception of the Company in cities where it has production and processing enterprises. Analysis of the company's social risks in Russian regions.

      Development of employee feedback management (collection, processing and use by company management of data collected from employees).

      Check study of Cherepovets urban milieu. Esteem of the current situation and annual dynamics in the city as living and working environment: changes in inhabitant priorities due to the sharpest social problems, attitude dynamics to local and regional authorities, economic mainstay and its role in Cherepovets life.

      Extended research on the town of Cherepovets as a place to live. Identification of needs for social services, social infrastructure and other features of the urban environment. Setting investment priorities for urban development.

      Implement of inner communications conception on creation effective reputation of the top figure among the employees.

  • Крупнейшая российская железнодорожная компания

    Development of a draft collective agreement between the company and the labour union.

    A complex survey of best foreign practice in labour union management. Recommendations to make the existing system of employee representation more efficient.

    Corporate social tension monitoring as a part of crisis management program

    A survey monitoring the efficiency of a programme for management reorganisation at the Company.

    Management of data collection and analysis via feedback channels (hot lines, messages, internet blogs).

    Brand operativeness audit due to inner target audience of the company staff.

    Audit of front-manager’s influence on the brand and company reputation viewed by passengers and client freight forwarders.